Honey Facts

What we offer is Raw Honey!
Here are some facts to help you understand
the difference between
Raw Honey & Liquid Honey


  • Raw Honey has had nothing done to it! It has not been heated or filtered it is only extracted from the hive and bottled.
  • Commercial Honey such as that on grocery store shelves has been heated to a temperature of at least 160 degrees to break down down the natural sugar and then ran through micro filters to remove pollen grains.  Heating honey above 115 degrees destroys vitamins, antioxidants, and beneficial enzymes.
  • Liquid Honey is the way the honey comes from the hive. As time passes, honey will start to crystallize. Keeping honey at a temperature close to the temperature in the hives keeps it in liquid form. It will have a nice golden color. This helps to keep it raw but still liquid for shipping. Which is around 90 degrees.  Honey will crystallize in 2-4 months depending on temperature you store it at, less than 70 degrees increases the crystallization rate.

  • Unstrained Honey also called Really Raw Honey is where the honey still has wax pieces and other debris from the hive.  This is often crystallized in the jar when the wax has came to the top and the propolus has sank to the bottom.
  • Crystallized & Creamed Honey is the process that honey goes through when honey is changing from liquid to solid state. If it is in this state or has been heated it will appear white in color and can spread like a peanut butter consistency. Make sure when you buy honey you state that you want unheated honey if that is what you are looking for.  Honey that is crystallized need not be thrown out. If stored in a sealed container it will last many years.